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Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality

Have you ever had something on your heart or your mind that no matter how hard you tried to push it aside it just kept coming back again and again?

That happened to me with this dream of mine to run a 1/2 marathon. For years it just kept randomly popping up and and I kept telling myself it would never happen. That I wasn't that type of person who could run that many miles. I would never be able to make it reality. I was really just giving myself excuses to get out of it.

So how did it go from just being this little dream to a reality? I actually sat down and took some time to write down my dreams thanks to the #startodayjournal from Rachel Hollis, which I will link here: Start Today Journal. From there I thought about them and decided that running a 1/2 marathon was the thing I truly wanted to give my all too. Why did I choose this one, I just felt as though I was in the right mindset and physical shape to really make it happen.

I didn't choose that goal and poof it became a reality. No it took me 3 months to actually even sign up for the race. I had so much self-doubt and disbelief in myself, until one day my accountability partner (Dave-my hubby) just said you're doing it! Sign up now or I will sign you up. Yes, it sounds a bit harsh, but you know what sometimes you just need that kick in your pants to do the thing that scares and challenges you. I am so grateful that he stretched me that day and from that point on I was 100% committed to training, eating right and doing what it took to successfully run a 1/2 marathon.

The same process applies for any dream you have in mind.

You have to first write down your dreams, just brainstorm a massive list of everything you would like to do in your lifetime. Don't think just dream and write!

From that point you want to narrow it down to your top 10 dreams and write them as if they are already happening. This whole process can be found in the Start Today Journal (there is also is a Rise Podcast in which Rachel goes through this entire process-which I highly recommend listening to). After you have determined you 10 dreams, look at them and determine which one you want to work towards first. Say it's getting healthy, so maybe you write I am a healthy individual.

What does healthy mean for you? What is a goal you could work towards to feel as though you are a healthy individual. I would project that over 3 months- so in 3 months what would this health you like to be experiencing, feeling, doing, what this future version of you look like, eat, how would you behave etc.

So your goal may be I lost 5 pounds of fat. Great! Now you have a goal that will take you one step closer towards achieving your dream of being a healthy individual. From there you need to ask yourself, "What do I need to do in order to lose 5 pounds of fat in 3 months or less?" Then you can determine the best course of action to make that happen. Think small consistent steps to get your to your big goal, which will help you to achieve your dream.

I could continue on chatting about this, but then this blog post would take up 45 minutes or more of your time...and quite honestly idk who sits and reads a blog post for that long.

If this is something you could like to chat more about click the link below to schedule a Health You Virtual Session. We can discuss your dreams and goals and what you can do to start to make it a reality. Can't wait to chat more with you!

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