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The Power of Timers!

As a mom our time is precious, so ensuring we are effectively using the limited windows of time we have is necessary. I have heard from countless moms that they don't have time to take care of their body and mind. They just never feel as if there are enough hours in the day.

Trust me I get it. I too struggle with managing my time and getting side-tracked. Which is why when I do have windows of time where I'm not being tugged at by my 2 year old I have to be as productive and effective as possible.

Whether your time is utilized for building your business, cleaning up the house or doing something for yourself timers can be an extremely powerful tool. Here are some of the benefits I have found when I use a timer:

  1. I am laser-focused- given I know I have a limited time to do something I end up giving all my attention to that particular tasks without allowing myself to get sidetracked.

  2. I am more productive: as I mentioned above knowing I have a certain amount of allotted time it forces me to use that time effectively so I can do the thing I have set out to do.

  3. I find myself feeling more calm and patient because I used my time more effectively, whereas when I didn't use a timer I was all over the place

Here are some other awesome timer hacks for busy moms:

  1. Use it as a way to teach your toddlers how to play more independently. Of course start very small and work your way to more time. But having that cue can help you have a little more free-time and teach them an important skill of entertaining themselves. Our son actually finds timers soothing because he knows when he hears that beep that time is up and he can do something else.

  2. Use timers to get kids to complete certain tasks. Just as I recommended using it for you to complete tasks you can do the same for kids. It will teach them how to be laser focused on one certain task at a time. Create a fun game out of it and see who can pick up the toys the fastest and enjoy the laughs and silliness of it.

  3. Use it as a way to be present with your kids and engage with them. I am 100% guilty of getting distracted when Owen wants me to play with him. I have a million things on my mind as a stay at home mom and business owner. I mean what mom doesn't have a million thoughts swirling through their head. What I find is when I set a timer and tell myself during this block of time I am going to be completely present with Owen I am less likely to look at my phone, try to do chores in between or have thoughts about work. I know during x amount of minutes I am focused on him, engaging on his level and playing what he wants. Then at those other blocks of times when I know I have other things I need to accomplish I won't feel guilt and as if I barely spent quality time with him.

  4. Use the timer to boost your productivity & allow for more flexibility. As a mom we always have something to do and it seems as if everything takes priority over our well-being. What has been helpful for me and my clients is setting timers to do certain tasks as well as, setting a timer for some mama time. So you have dishes to do, work on them for say 10-15 minutes (KNOWING THEY MAY NOT GET DONE RIGHT THEN AND THAT'S OKAY!) and then set a timer for a 10 minute mama break. Be creative with the way you use it.

I find the more my clients implement it the more freedom they actually find in their day. As they are so much more productive and with this productivity it is opening up more time and space for them to do the things they truly want to do.

For more tips on creating a healthy lifestyle and finding time between the chaos of motherhood to do things for your, follow me on IG @meglafferty26.

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