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Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

This is for all my fellow hard working and super hero moms out there. We as mom tends to juggle everything and give to everyone else leaving ourselves at the bottom of the barrel. I know you know that you should be practicing self-care, however it just seems like there's never enough time to do anything for yourself. Which is why I wanted to put together some of my favorite, simple and time sensitive to be able to fit into your crazy busy mom schedules.

Trust me I get how real the struggle is when it comes to making time for ourselves. But, this is a critical practice that needs to be put in place and implemented consistently if you want to be able to show up as the best mom you can be. Remember you have to be at your best to give your best.

So scroll on down to see some of my recommended self-care practices. Feel free to comment with your favorites too!

Create time in your day for yourself

Helping moms to create time in their day for themselves is actually a mission of mine. It is the focus of my business to be able to help moms create space for themselves because it's a key component in allowing them to feel the best, be in control of their thoughts and actions and be able to give your 100% to you and your family.

Right now taking time for yourself may seem unfathomable, as you may be in the thick of diapers and potty training. A toddler throwing tantrums and another little one who is teething and you just can't imagine having a second for yourself. Moms, trust me when I say it is possible to find at least 20 minutes out of the day for you. It's all about prioritizing it and making it happen. The more you practice, the more you will be able to implement it with ease.

1. Recite Affirmations-

One of the simplest ways to practice self-care is by speaking to ourselves in a loving and kind way. As moms I find we especially can be really harsh and negative with ourselves. Our inner voice can be so mean sometimes, whispering things like, "You don't deserve to take time for yourself. You shouldn't be taking time away from the kids. You're an awful mom. Why can't you be more like ________?" So if you find yourself struggling with negative self-talk, affirmations can help you break unhealthy thought patterns and create a new belief system which is anchored to positivity.

Affirmations are simply just positive statements that affirm how you want to feel or show up in the world.

2.Get outside

Go for a quick walk or just sit on your front step and breathe in some fresh air.

3. Connect with a loved one

Think of people in your life who are comforting, supportive, and uplifting and take 10 minutes to connect with them!

4. Breathe and stretch-

Your muscles and mind will thank you for this break. There have been studies done that show that breathing exercises can improve our brain health and increase positivity! I don't know about you, but that sounds incredible to me!

5. Break a sweat-

Even if it's only for 10 minutes do some sort of HIIT interval workout to get your heartbeat up and your body moving!

6. Hug your kids - 

Did you know it’s healthy to give and receive at least eight hugs a day?

7.Go to the park with your kids - 

Fresh air is a huge stress reliever! Try a new activity like flying a kite or packing a picnic to make it even more fun.

8. Compliment yourself in the mirror - 

Verbally affirm your favorite things about yourself. Say, “Your hair looks good today,” or “You are killing it,” to yourself and BELIEVE IT.

9. Diffuse essential oils - 

Breathe in and destress from aromatherapy.

10. Sit in quietness - 

If you can find the time and space, try sitting in silence. Turn off your phone and just close your eyes. As a mom we are constantly going and being talked to or at, so just taking a few minutes of complete silence can really help to reinvigorate our mind and our body.

11. Write down 3-5 things you're grateful for-

Living in an attitude of gratitude really helps us focus on what we have rather than what we don't. Allowing our minds to get into the habits of focusing on the positive over the negative.

12. Dedicate 30 minutes of no-screen time - 

Taking away technology that can tend to control us can allow us to focus on much bigger and better things! Imagine what you could do with this chunk of screen free time? Maybe there's a book you have been dying to read, call a friend, sit outside and enjoy some sunshine- the world is your oyster!

13. Paint your nails or go and get a manicure-

Now I know getting a manicure all of the time can get expensive and isn't always realistic. But, if you can every one in a while I recommend going and getting them done. I am actually more of a pedicure girl as I love having my feet rubbed. However, when I can't do that I do enjoy setting some time aside to paint my own in a fun color that I love.

14. Try an adult coloring book - 

It’s not just for the kids! There is something therapeutic about filling in shapes with color. Try it out! It's actually really relaxing!

15. Download a mind challenge app - 

Train your brain with some fun games. Building mental strength is known to boost daily performance.

16. Plan your dream vacation - 

Take some time to transform a dream into a goal by making a plan to take your dream trip! It's actually quite fun and invigorating to do this and gets you really excited for it. Let go of the mindset that it will never happen and just let yourself dream and have fun with it! Really think about what you could do to make it a reality, because if it's something you want badly enough it can happen!

17. Try a new recipe - 

I absolutely love trying out one new recipe per week. Whether it be a new meal or snack like chocolate zucchini banana bread (this is now a family fave!-pop me a message if you want the recipe =) )

18. Keep a jar of what you’re thankful for - 

Write your favorite things on slips of paper that can be kept in a jar to read for the future. This is such a fun idea and you can even get your kids involved in the process too!

19. Lay down for 15 minutes - 

Get off those feet and re-energize!

20. Organize your wardrobe -

Getting your life in order, starting with your closet, will make you feel ready to take on anything life can offer. It is actually quite enjoyable and therapeutic to go through this process. Out with the old to make space for the new! These are just 20 options for you to try out in your own life. Even using one to practice more self-care can help you selflessly care for others. If you want to find out how you can carve out 20-30 minutes a day to implement these practices click the link below to schedule a complimentary chat with me!

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