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Meal Planning Hacks for Moms

I know, I know the dreaded words meal planning. Just bear with me and take the 3 minutes to read through these tips before you write it off again. This practice has been a complete life changer for my family. It has helped us save money, time and stress about what the heck we are going to eat. Allowing us to live a healthy, energized and fulfilled life!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite and practical tips to help you get started with your meal planning journey. These are things you can easily start incorporating into your life, without actually creating a formal meal plan (if that seems like too much for you right now). I want you to think of meal planning to help you have some sanity when it comes to your food and allow you the freedom to consciously make healthy choices for you and your family.

One thing that I recently stumbled across that I found to be really helpful from author Body Love and celebrity nutritionist Kelly Leveque was to plan meals in 3 to 4 day chunks.

1. Plan meals in 3 to 4 day increments

By thinking in 3 day increments it gives you more flexibility, both mentally and in terms of your actual food decisions. This allows you to make more realistic choices based on the way you week flows. Sometimes there are pop-up events that you hadn't anticipated, which may mean you need to choose a Crock-Pot or Instant Pot meal over a stir fry. Also, when you think in term of 3 day increments, it is not as overwhelming or time consuming as it can be to plan an entire week of meals.

2. Have designated theme days for dinners

This is so helpful in creating ease, flow and simplicity to your life. Allowing you and your family know that, "Hey on Tuesday it's always taco Tuesday." or "Fish Friday"- find your groove and the dishes and themes that resonate most with your family. What I would recommend is setting aside 15 minutes (ND YES SET A TIMER)- more on the power of timers in this post: Power of Timers

3. Keep track of meals our family loves

I have an on-going list of family favorites, so that I know to keep these on continuous rotation for us. I usually choose most meals from here and add one new one in each week. If you are in need of or recipe ideas subscribe to my weekly dinner plans email. This gets sent out every Thursday with simple and healthy meals for your family.

4. Bless yourself with leftovers

Choose meals that you know will reheat well, as they can be used for lunches or another dinner that week. Again the goal is to make living a healthy lifestyle simpler, not more complicated. So any thing you can do to lessen the amount of time you spend cooking the better!

5. Ask your family for help

If you have older kiddos assign them each a day in which they get to decide the meal for that evening. You can healthify almost anything, by swapping out highly processed ingredients for ones with minimal. Some of my favorite brands are Siete and Primal Kitchen. We get the majority of our speciality items through Thrive Market. It's like a BJ's or Costco membership for high quality products with the best ingredients for you and your family. Here's a coupon code for you to try it out! Coupon Code

Want to learn more about how you can simply create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family?

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