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Invigorate Your Day with a Killer Morning Routine

Have you seen the many posts, stories on Instagram or just heard people talking about this "morning routine" thing?

It really is something if you haven't heard about it that can have a positive impact on your day and the quality of your life.

Here are some things that a morning routine can do for you:

Improve health and well-being

  • Increase happiness

  • Reduce stress

  • Promote inner focus and calm

  • Boost your level of productivity

  • Lift your energy levels

  • Provide you with clarity

A good morning routine just sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s the ultimate form of self-care because it’s your sacred time to ensure your physical, mental, and spiritual needs are being prioritized and tended to.

How To You Design Your Ideal Morning Routine

First things first, there’s really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to morning routines. Your routine should be customized to you and your unique needs. A morning routine is something put into place that will help YOU have a productive, positive and successful day!

To figure out what your routine should look like, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What fills me up?

  2. What gives me energy?

  3. What makes me happy?

  4. What makes me feel most prepared to take on the day?

For me this is currently what my morning routine looks like:

  • Wake up at 5am

  • Brush my teeth

  • Chug 8-10oz of water

  • Get together my pre-workout drink which is: Prepare & Endure & Energy Fizz

  • Journal in my Start Today Journal

  • Read personal and profession development for the next 30 or so minutes

  • I do stop and pray for about 5 minutes, sometimes after reading my Press Pause book for moms or right after I have finished writing down the 5 things I am grateful for.

  • Look over my daily lists of priorities (which I create the night before)

  • Workout by 6:30/6:45- 30-45 minutes of a workout- right now I am training for a 1/2 marathon which has me running 4 days a week and cross-training with 80 Day Obsession from Beachbody.

  • Depending on if Owen is up or not I will hop in the shower quick or start to get breakfast ready

This is what lights my heart on fire, starts me off with a grateful heart and mind, energizes and inspires me. It brings me this sense of calm and inner peace and when I do it completely and don't get sucked in to the trap of social media allows me to have a stellar day.

Need help coming up with ideas?

Here are 30 habits to consider incorporating into your morning routine:

  1. Take a brisk walk

  2. Meditate

  3. Call a loved one

  4. Listen to an inspiring podcast

  5. Color/paint

  6. Journal/write

  7. Set your intention for the day with an affirmation card

  8. Create a ritual of gratitude

  9. Stretch/do yoga

  10. Go for a run

  11. Listen to mood music

  12. Down a glass of water with lemon

  13. Make a cup of your favorite coffee or tea

  14. Eat a healthy breakfast

  15. Diffuse an energizing essential oil

  16. Make your bed

  17. Sit outside

  18. Do a crossword puzzle

  19. Read the paper

  20. Tidy your living space

  21. Snuggle your human or fur child

  22. Write out your to-do list for the day

  23. Have a dance party

  24. Start a skincare regimen

  25. Take vitamins/supplements

  26. Pray

  27. Head to the gym or a workout class

  28. Talk to your inner child

  29. Set the timer and spend 30 minutes on a passion project

  30. Take 3 minutes to do deep cleansing breaths

These amazing ideas all were shared by from the school I earned my certification from: Health Coach Institute. I urge you within the next few days to sit down and respond to the four questions above, which will allow you to create the best morning routine for you. One that will invigorate your day, make you happy, gives you energy and prepares you to tackle the day. Commit to creating this healthy habit by doing it every single day and I promise that you will start to crave this time for yourself. I find that I now get up even earlier because I just love that quiet, peaceful time for myself. I recommend allowing yourself an hour each morning to incorporate this new routine. That may seem like a lot at first and if that does seem daunting or overwhelming to you start with just 30 minutes and add on time from there.

Do this for yourself and notice the positive shifts it can have on your life the more consistently you do it. In the beginning when you are just starting to form a new habit it can be very helpful to write things down and share with someone what you are doing and why you are doing it.

You can download a free morning routing printable that was shared by my amazing school that can help you make your morning routine a cherished daily habit and tap into your full potential

Morning Routine Printable

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