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Are You Really Healthy?

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Have you ever really sat down to think about what it means to be an overall healthy person? For me, I always figured nutrition and exercise were the two key components to living a healthy life. Exercise I have had down pat for quite a few years now...and only recently have learned the right way to eat for my unique body.

What I didn't realize that nutrition and exercise are only 2 key pieces in being a healthy person and only a small part of your total wellness. It was through listening to many podcasts, reading several books on health and wellness, and earning my certification through Health Coach Institute that I learned what being a healthy individual actually really means.

So what then you might be thinking are the key pieces that make up a persons total wellness?

There are actually 8 key pieces that make you a well-rounded healthy and happy individual:

1. Nutrition

2. Exercise

3. Emotion//Past Trauma

4. Sleep


6. Social Connection/Community


8. Exposure to Toxins

As you can see these 8 pieces work together to make up your total wellness. This was extremely eye opening to me because as I shared before I always grew up and believed that your nutrition and exercise were the two key pieces to being a healthy individual.

Now when I learned about these other key pieces to living a healthy life it really opened my eyes and helped me shift my focus from nutrition and exercise to my well-being as a whole. I ensure that I am nurturing each piece as best I can each and every day. Now in the beginning this is an overwhelming task to ensue upon.

Which is why I created my Are You Really Healthy checklist! This little guide will allow you to reflect on these 8 pieces to determine which pieces of the whole "pie" are requiring a little extra love and attention. My suggestion is to pick 1-2 areas to hone in on for awhile, learn as much as you can about those particular areas and develop healthy habits that allow them to become a part of your life.

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